Dooley – October 29th, 2019

I’m a sweet little 9 month old male bullie.  My owners had to find a new home for me because one of the little babies I used to live with was allergic to dogs.  They hated for me to go but I understand.  I’m now in a fantastic foster home with 2 new little girls who love to play and I have a beautiful foster big sister.  I get to go on car rides everyday to drop the girls off at school and all these ladies come to visit me. I must be a very handsome fellow to have all these ladies pay attention to me.

Medical:  Dooley was a little squinty eyed when he came into rescue and we are very concerned about possible entropion with ulceration.  He’s also intact and must undergo neuter.  We are going to put him on medical hold for the moment, until the eye situation is sorted out.


Dooley has been adopted by a wonderful family in the Atlanta area.  He now has a big bullie sister, Rosie and twin 2 leggers to call his own.  Congratulations, Terry, Julie and Family!!!

If you submitted an application for Dooley and want to be considered as an adopter for another of our dogs, either present or future, pease e-mail and let us know.  We had over 300 applications for Dooley!

10/29/19:  Dooley crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Dooley