Donte – January 13th, 2014

7/16/13: Please welcome Donte!  He was just transported from Pell City, AL thanks to Jessica and Amanda!  He was an owner surrender to the shelter.  As you can see from the photos his “owner” has not taken very good care of him.  So far we know he has fleas, a cough, a limp, dirty rotten teeth, overgrown toenails, an upset stomach (he got sick last night and today in Amanda’s car) and he is not neutered.  But at least he is heartworm negative.  We will know more over the next few days when Dr Ross does a full exam.  He is 5 years old.

We do not know if he likes dogs, cats or kids but we know he likes humans.  Jessica and Amanda said he was very sweet and just wanted to be near them in the car.

Update 8/22/13: Donte is felling better! He was neutered this week and will be moving into his foster home this weekend.  He will be seeing Dr Cross at GVS very soon for a knee consult.

Update 9/3/13: Donte had his consult with Dr Cross. He does not need knee surgery but he does have arthritis in his left elbow and right knee.  Staring joint supplements, fish oils and rimadyl and he should be feeling better in no time!

He is taking things slow in his foster home with his new foster sister Gabby.
Update 9/19/13: Donte’s foster mom found 2 skin lesions on Donte’s shoulder about 2 weeks ago. During examination by her personal vet, another was found on his head. He was transported to Riverside for surgery. While undergoing examination under anesthesia for removal of the 3 lesions, another was found on his chest bone. All 4 lesions were removed: 2 were benign, the third was a low grade mast cell tumor but the 4th (on his chest bone) is a grade 3 mast cell tumor with positive deep margins(high grade cancer). Chest x-ray and abdominal ultrasound were negative for additional disease. He will be evaluated by the Oncologists at UGA on Wednesday. This is not something we can cure ; (
Update 10/2/13: Donte had a consult with the oncologist at UGA.  It has been decided that he will get some meds to make him comfortable and he will spend his next few months with his foster family; Becky, Geoff and Gabby.  We will know when it is time to see him to the rainbow bridge.  Please keep him and the Hoffman’s in your thoughts over the next few months.



January 14, 2014: Donte lost his battle with cancer and went to the rainbow bridge yesterday.  We were able to have a small farewell party for him with a few of his distance foster family members; his foster parents daughter Amanda and her son Preston.  Donte spend some time with Preston over the past few months and really enjoyed having that little boy around!  We will miss you Donte.





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