Dolly – May 9th, 2017

12/7/13: Welcome sweet baby Dolly, a 3 year old owner surrender. Apparently Dolly’s usefulness as a breeder was not worth taking care of her infections….appears as if her care has never been the previous owners first priority. Soooo…when the profit margin drops and they MIGHT have to spend a little money on caring for the dog, they do the next best thing…dump her at a shelter.

Dolly is sweet and sassy! She gets along with dogs, cats and children.

Dolly has a serious yeast infection of her skin and ears. Her ears appear closed right now but we’ll see what happens with treatment. Her eyes are infected as well, we’ll assess for dry eye as soon as the infection clears. She needs her palate shortened and her nostrils widened. She will have surgery on both next week.

Update 12/21/13: Dolly had surgery earlier this week; she was spayed, had her palate shortened, her nostrils widened, her teeth cleaned and a few extractions.  She moved into her foster home and is adjusting well to the good life. She will see Dr Rush in a few weeks for a follow up on her skin, nose, ears and eyes.

Update 1/14/14: Dolly had entoropian surgery on both eyes yesterday.  Her skin is looking much better now that she is having weekly baths.  Her ears are also looking better but she will continue weekly ear cleaning.  She moved into a new foster home; one without dogs.  She was not a fan of her foster sister at her first foster home.  She is not a fan of cats either.  She will be available for adoption once she recovers from surgery.

Updated 1/27/14: Dolly had a follow up with Dr Rush. Her skin, ears, eyes and nose are all looking better and he cleared her for adoption. Her foster Dad said she was a part of the family already and wasn’t going anywhere! He signed the paperwork and made it official! Congrats Dolly and Bob!



May 9, 2017:  Dolly crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Rest In Peace Dolly




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