Dollar – May 6th, 2019

Meet General High Dollar, a 3 year old male who was surrendered for treatment of a very infected tail pocket.  Dollar even brought his “papers” in his suitcase for his trip to Atlanta.  He will be 4 on Feb. 13th.  Dollar has a chronically infected tailpocket that would get re infected as soon as his course of treatment ended.  As a result he most recently had to have inside time restricted because the odor was so bad.  With 5 other dogs to care for, this chronic problem became a financial hardship for his family.

On initial evaluation this afternoon, he probably has dry eye, needs to be neutered, dewormed and brought up to date on vaccines.

Right now, he is in the comfort of Riverside Animal Hospital…no more rainy nights for him. After a good scrubbing down and several days of antibiotics, we’ll know more about what we will have to do about the tail and tail pocket.  He has a very serious face but is a very sweet boy who loves to give kisses and gets along with other dogs.

Welcome Dollar!  This is the first day of the rest of your life.

Update 1/19/12: Dollar is still at the vet being treated for his horrible tail infection. He is on oral antibiotics and has to have the tail pocket irrigated out 3 times a day. This is very uncomfortable for him. Dr. Ross said that he will require treatment for several weeks before we will see any improvement, then I’m sure we’ll amputate the tail and possibly have to do extensive reconstruction.

Update 2/9/12: Dollar will be going to the specialist tomorrow to have his tail amputated.  Please keep him in your thoughts.

Update 2/24/12: Dollar had his tail amputated on 2/10 and had his stitches removed yesterday.  He is recovering nicely and is now ready for adoption!

Update 6/25/12:  Dollar has been adopted!  Congrats Dollar and Berube family!

May 6, 2019:  Apollo, formally known as Dollar, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.  


S Murphy

H Higgins Wilcher

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