Dalton – September 4th, 2021

8/20/15:  Please welcome Dalton!  His previous owners dropped him off at the shelter because they no longer wanted him.  Thank you to Cheryl for letting us know about him and to Lee for transporting him to safety.
He will spend the next two weeks at the vet in shelter quarantine then he will move into his foster home.  All of his medical needs will be tended to while he is there.
We beleive he between 2-3 years old.  He did well with other dogs at the shelter.  We do not know if he likes cats or children.
Update 8/26/15:  Unfortunately Dalton is heartworm positive.  He will be neutered on Thursday, wait 10 days then begin his heartworm treatment.  He will remain at the vet clinic during his 3 1/2 week heartworm treatment.  After that he will move into his foster home an begin living the good life!
Update 10/19/15:  Dalton finished his heartworm treatment and he is ready for adoption.  He is a young bully some energy!  He met a few children ages 5-11 over the weekend.  He seems to enjoy them but he got a little overwhelmed and excited.  It would be best for him if he were in a home with teenagers not young children.
Update 11/7/15: Dalton was adopted today! Congrats Dalton and Richards family!

approximate age: 3

approximate weight: 47

likes dogs: yeslikes cats: N/A

likes children: yes – he will only be placed in a home with teenagers, not young children

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medications: none

September 24, 2021 – Dalton crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Dalton

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