Coco Chanel

7/19/21 – Please welcome Coco Chanel! She joins us from Fulton County Animal Control. She was found as a stray then turned over to animal control and when no one came looking for her she was able to join the rescue. She will need an exam, vaccinations, she needs to be spayed and have airway surgery. She seems to have some digestive issues that we are attempting to work through. We are hoping it is a just a minor upset stomach issue. Sometimes she is straining to poop and other times poop is leaking out of her.

7/21/21 – Coco Chanel had surgery today and all went well. She was spayed, had her palate shortened, her saccules removed, and her nares widened.

8/11/21 – Coco Chanel still isn’t feeling great and is having some digestive issues. She saw the specialist today for a colonoscopy and biopsy. Biopsy shows significant lymphoplasmacytic eosinophlic enterocolitis. The colonoscopy did not show any issues other than inflammation. We are hoping we can get another treatment plan in place for her. She is currently on a prescription diet and a few medications.

1/1/22 – After a few months of trying different medications and food, Coco Chanel seems to be doing well on her current diet of Purina Pro Plan HA and a daily dose of sulfasalazine. We feel this combination works well for her and that she should be on both long-term to keep her digestive issues under control. She poops regularly now but does have a messy butt sometimes that need a little cleaning after her bowl movements.

2/8/22 – Coco Chanel has been adopted.  Congrats Coco Chanel and Combel Family.

approximate age: 2
approximate weight: 20
likes dogs: she gets another with submissive dogs only, is a protective of her things and not afraid to fight for them no matter the size of the other dog. She would prefer to be an only dog but can live with another dog if they are submissive and walk away from her and her things when she needs space
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: n/a
food: Purina Pro Plan HA prescription food
lifelong medications: sulfasalazine

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