Coco – March 26th, 2022

8/4/14 – Please welcome Coco.  Coco was an emergency owner surrender.  Coco needed surgery for pyometra and her owner did not have the money to pay for the surgery.  Dr Rush was able to do the surgery and save her.  He removed a five pound uterus from her that was filled with puss and infection! She is also suffering from an ulcer on her right her.  We are treating that now while she recovers from surgery.  Once this fully heals he will be able to determine if she also needs entropion surgery. She is a little under two years old.  She likes dogs and kids but not cats. Her adopter will be coming to Atlanta for her once she is cleared for adoption by Dr Rush.

8/24/14:  Coco met a few of the crazy bulldog ladies and her new family!  She packed up her bully blanket and moved to SC with them.  Congrats Coco and Chamblee family!

4/4/15:  Coco’s family decided it was best for her to live with a different family.  Lucky for Coco the Yates family was ready to love her!  Congrats Coco and Yates family!

10/1/16:  Coco did not seem happy in her home so she is back with us and looking for the prefect home.  We think she would be happiest in a home with no small children and only laid back dogs that don’t mind letting her get most of the attention.

12/10/17:  Coco has been adopted by her foster mom.  Congrats Coco and Tiera!

10/5/19:  Coco is back with us again.  This time for medical reasons.  She has been dealing with ongoing allergies, skin issues and ear infections.  Unfortunately her ears are beyond help other than a total ear canal ablation surgery.  We will be working closely with the vet, and dermatologist if needed, to get her allergy issues under control.  She is scheduled to have total ear canal ablation surgery on Monday.

This surgery costs approximately $3,500 and is a significant financial drain on the rescue.  Please donate if you can…every single dollar helps us get Coco the relief she needs.

4/7/20:  Coco started seeing the dermatologist today so that we can attempt to get a handle on her skin issues.

6/3/20:  Coco is experiencing some inner ear canal issues and is having a second TECA surgery done today on her ear.

10/7/20:  Coco is having inner earl canal issues once again.  She will have a CT scan and additional surgery done today.  We are hopeful that this will be the last surgery she needs.


March 26th, 2022 – Coco crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her foster family in your thoughts. Rest in Peace Coco



approximate age: 7
approximate weight: 50
likes dogs: no
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: older kids only
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: to be determined


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