Chunk – April 20th, 2016

Meet Chunk, a 4 year old stray taken in by Paws Humane in Columbus, GA.  The reason Chunk looks so sad in the pictures is because he  just had entropion surgery to correct droopy eyes, his eyes are still a bit swollen.  Chunk also has areas of skin irritation and is a  very itchy boy.  After Paws Humane’s attempts at treatment of his skin condition failed,  Paws thought it best to transfer Chunk to a rescue with more bullie experience, that’s where we stepped in. Chunk is now with Dr. Ross  at Riverside Animal hospital getting a complete evaluation of his skin problem and recovering from eye surgery.  He is heartworm negative and up to date on vaccines.  He had undergone temperment testing while at Paws, he passed with flying colors and has no placement restrictions.  A note made by the trainer, during the test, said that Chunk doesn’t react to other dogs in his vacinity, he ignores them.  My personal observation of Chunk (for what it’s worth) is that he’s depressed…completely understandable in his current situation.  I’m anxious to get him into a comfortable foster home where he can begin to relax and heal his soul.  The Vet reports that he sleeps all day….Does anyone know a bulldog who DOESN’T sleep all day?

Update: Chunk attended our last meet up and was a dapper gentleman!!! He looked great.

Update: Chunk is doing very well in his foster home and opens up with a spurt of energy every once in awhile.  He’s generally very low key and sleeps most of the day.  He and his foster sister are getting along well.  Chunk’s eye irritation has continued and recent tests have indicated dry eye.  He has begun treatment and will need eye drops for the rest of his life. His skin and “the itchies” have continued to improve with premium grain free dog food.

Update: Chunks foster family has decided to adopt this dapper gentleman.


April 20, 2016: Chunk was rescued in our first year and spent many years with his dad Robbie.  Unfortunately Dr Ross found a large tumor that could not be removed.  Chunk went to the rainbow bridge today.  He was a great dog and will be missed dearly.  Please keep Robbie in your thought.

Rest In Peace Chunk