Charlotte Truffle

3/3/23 – Please welcome Charlotte Truffle! She was picked up as a stray and turned over to us by the shelter. She has a very large mammary mass that started bleeding yesterday.

3/6/23 – Charlotte Truffle had surgery today and all went well. She was spayed and had the mass removed. We will have it tested and should have the results in two weeks.

3/16/23 – The mass came back as a mast cell tumor. Fortunately we got clean margins when it was removed and she will be a few medications life long to help prevent further masses from developing.

6/22/23 – Charlotte Truffle has been adopted.  Congrats Charlotte Truffle and Suter family!

approximate age: 6
approximate weight: 22
likes dogs: n/a
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: n/a
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: Pepcid and Benadryl

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