5/28/19: Please welcome Cash! His owner is no longer able to care for him, so he asked us to find him a new home. He is already neutered but needs to be vaccinated. Unfortunately, he is going to need total ear canal ablation surgery. He has gone too long with untreated ear infections and his ear canals are calcified and the ear infections can not be treated with medication. We were told he had been diagnosed with megaesophagus but that he does not regurgitate his food or eat in a Bailey Chair, but he needs to eat and drink from an elevated bowl. We did a test to confirm megaesophagus, but he does not have it. He does get food stuck in the back of his throat and then regurgitates it. We are planning to shorten his palate to see if that helps any with his regurgitation issues.

6/4/19: Cash had his palate surgery today and all went well!

7/10/19: Cash had a consult with Dr Winkler today. He is scheduled to have total ear canal ablation surgery next week. Like all surgeries there are risks and potential for complications, but it is needed and it will give him much relief.

Of course, the surgery comes with a very large price tag, approximately $3,500. If you can spare some CASH for CASH he would greatly appreciate it!

7/16/19: Cash had his ear surgery today. It went well but unfortunately the surgeon was only able to complete surgery on one ear this this. The time it took to get the surgery complete was much longer than expected due to the severity of his ear issues. We could not risk keep him under anesthesia for any longer. This means he will have another surgery in a few weeks to have the second ear done. Each surgery will cost the rescue approximately $2,800. CASH could really use some CASH right now. Please consider donating if you can.

7/30/19:  Cash had his second ear surgery today and all went well!  He will see the surgeon in two weeks for a recheck and have his stitches removed.  If all look good, he will be cleared for adoption then.

8/15/19:  Cash has been cleared for adoption.  He needs a family willing to work with him daily to help him adjust to life as a deaf dog and helping him understand that the humans are in charge.  He is doing great with his training and is willing to learn but he does need structure and patience.

4/26/20:  Cash has been adopted.  Congrats Cash and Pagono family!

approximate age: 3
approximate weight: 50
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: yes
likes kids: he will only be placed with older kids
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none

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