Butter – Adoption Pending

5/14/24 – Please welcome Butter! Butter was turned over to us by her breeder so we can find her a family.

5/15/24 – Butter had surgery today and all went well! She was spayed, had her palate shortened, her tonsil removed, her nares widened, and her teeth cleaned.

5/21/24 – Unfortunately, Butter has a post spay surgery hernia that will need to be repaired in a few weeks.

5/28/24 – Butter saw the orthopedic surgeon today for a consult.

Exam Findings: No lameness weakness or ataxia noted when walking, unwilling to trot. Will occasionally shift weight off right hind when standing. Symmetric on the musculature. Right grade 2/4 medial patella luxation without pain or crepitus during luxations. No cranial drawer present. Normal left knee and hip palpation. An approximately 4 cm rent is palpable in the linea alba at the level of the previous OHE incision. No abdominal contents are herniated at this time.

Diagnosis: Right medial patella luxations (grade 2/4), OHE hernia

Medications: None

Recommendations: Based on the lack of clinical signs reasonably attributed to her right knee abnormality, I do not strongly recommend surgery at this time. If she becomes consistently affected by the right knee (limping or holding it up daily), please let me know and we will corrected surgically.

6/12/24 – Butter had hernia repair surgery today and all went well.

approximate age: 1 – DOB 7/12/22
approximate weight: 42
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: yes
food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none
likes: people, playing, snacks
dislikes: pooping in the rain and being in a crate
ideal home: she would do well in many homes, she do best in a home with minimal steps, lost of toys and tennis balls

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