Bullett – April 7th, 2016

Meet our newest addition, Bullett. Bullett is a 3 year old neutered male, owner… surrender from South Georgia. Bullett was the victim of a divorce and new job responsibilities. He was taken in by his Grandparents for the last few months, while his owner tried to find him a new home. Unfortunately, with 7 other dogs in the house and Grandma recently undergoing a heart transplant…things were not easy at home. It seems that although Bullett got along with the other dogs in the home, he spent a lot of time outside. Recently, he began breaking out of the fence and exploring the neighborhood. Searching for Bullett through the neighborhood was not good for Grandma after her transplant. Bullett has recently been neutered and given rabies but not sure about yearly vaccines. He will be spending a little time with our vet to assess his heartworm status and treatment of a little skin irritation.  He’s a sweet boy but doesn’t take to strangers easily. You must first introduce yourself with a treat. This hasn’t been an issue for Da Tweet Lady, I can assure you. He has a very intimidating deep bark but is all show.


Update 6/28/2011:  Bullett has been adopted by his foster family!


April 7, 2016: Bullett joined GEBR in the spring of 2011 after his parents divorced.  After a few months with his foster family they knew they wanted him to stay forever.  He spent the last six years loving balls, food, the lake and his family.  He will be missed dearly.  Please keep the Olnhausen family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Bullett