Buddy – October 28th, 2020

Buddy is a 2 1/2 year old neutered male who came to rescue just as 2010 ended.  Buddy was adopted off of Craigslist last year and lived with another male American bulldog.  Unfortunately, the dogs didn’t seem to like each other and since Buddy was smaller than the American Bulldog, he never won a battle.  If you look closely at Buddy’s face in some of the photos, you can see an injury he sustained the evening before his surrender.

On review of his medical records, Buddy seems to have been suffering with Demodex Mange in the past and appears to have had some type of treatment.  Whether he was completely treated for mange is unclear at this time.  Buddy has bald patches on his back either from an active mange infection or scarring from the old infection, it’s unclear because he has an active bacterial infection at the present time.  He is now up to date on vaccines and is heartworm negative.

His behavior during transport was absolutely perfect.  He was very interested in getting to know me on the ride to the vet but when we arrived at the vet he displayed aggression towards 2 puppies that were playing in the reception area.  Fast forward one week and now Buddy appears to be afraid of these very same puppies with absolutely no sign of aggression.

Update 3/15/2011: Buddy has overcome many of his medical problems but the emotional issues are a bit more difficult.  He loves his foster family,  his new best friend is a 2 year old boy.  Buddy’s problem is dealing with other dogs.  He is dog aggressive to the point that he will pull his handler down to lunge after another dog.  Buddy is working with a trainer to help with this issue and has made progress.

Update 7/28/2011: Buddy has been adopted!

October 28, 2020:  Buddy crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.  

Rest In Peace Buddy


Big Papa and Family