Mookie Buckles

5/25/16:  Please welcome Buckles!  He was picked up as a stray and found himself at a local shelter.  This shelter was raffling him off to anyone what wanted to put there name on the list for him.  Luckily one of our volunteers was able to “adopt” him from the shelter and he is now with us.  He will spend two week sin shelter quarantine.  While he is at the clinic he will get a full exam, vaccinations and he will be neutered. He is around two years old.  We do not know at this time if he likes dogs, cats or young children.

Update 6/9/16:  Buckles was neutered today and all went well.  While he as under Dr Ross checked his eyes to see if he needed entropion surgery.  He believes that he does need surgery to correct his entropian but he also has a lot of eye lashes poking into his eye balls.  He will need to see the ophthalmologist to have these issues corrected.  He will be available for adoption once we get his eye issues fixed.

Update 1/13/17:  Buckles, now known as Mookie, has been adopted by his foster family.

8/11/22 – Mookie Buckles has found himself back with us,  He and the other dog in the home were having some issues so he will move into a dog free home.

2/5/23 – Mookie Buckles has been adopted by his foster dad.  Congrats!

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