Bruce Oliver

1/19/23 – Please welcome Bruce Oliver! Bruce Oliver was dropped off at the shelter by his owner’s sister. The owner had been in jail for some time and the sister no longer wanted to care for Bruce Oliver. The shelter connected with the owner in jail, and he surrendered Bruce Oliver to the shelter then the shelter turned him over to us. He has a tail pocket infection and a skin infection that we need to get under control before moving forward with surgery.

1/26/23 – Bruce Oliver was neutered today, and all went well!

2/27/23 – Bruce Oliver had his second surgery today and all went well. He had his palate shortened, his tonsils removed, and his nares widened. We are having his thyroid tested for possible hypothyroidism. His skin is looking good, and his tail pocket infection has cleared up.

3/17/23 – Unfortunately, Bruce Oliver started having seizures today. He has been seen by the vet and started on seizure medication that he will need to take daily for the rest of his life.

3/23/23 – Bruce Oliver’s seizures seem to be managed with medication but now his tail pocket and skin infections are back. We are consulting with the dermatologist. His thyroid test was normal.

11/16/23 – Bruce Oliver has been seeing the dermatologist regularly and we have his skin infections under control, but he has developed a training tract near his tail. We decided to consult with the specialist and have his tail removed today. The surgery went well! We also did a skin biopsy to help us determine how to manage his skin moving forward.

11/28/23 – Bruce Oliver got his drain and stitches out from his tail amputation surgery, and he is doing well! The skin biopsy results showed that he has color-dilution alopecia. Which is just another issue with dogs being bred to be “designer” colors. There is no fix for this, we just need to stay on top of any infection with weekly baths, diluted bleach rinses and creams. He currently does not have any infections and we hope to keep it this way. He unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of hair at the moment, but we are hopeful that some or all of it will grow back over time. He will need continued care at home and visits with the dermatologist a few times a year.


1/7/24 – Bruce Oliver has been adopted. Congratulations Bruce Oliver and Kerekes family! 

approximate age: 3
approximate weight: 50
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes kids: he is not living with any but seems to enjoy the ones he has met
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: Keppra seizure medication, medicated baths, diluted bleach rinse, medicated cream and medicated wipes
likes: head rubs, back rubs, belly rubs, butt rubs, walks, attention, cuddling
dislikes: walks in the rain
ideal home: any home that will spoil him and give him all of the attention

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