Bristol Bae

4/1/22 – Please welcome Bristol Bae! Bristol Bae was picked up as a stay and turned over to us from the shelter. She has pneumonia but we are working on getting that cleared up. And we are trying to put some weight on her; she is extremely underweight at 43 pounds.

4/18/22 – Bristol Bae had her surgery today and all went well. She was spayed, had her palate shortened, her saccules removed, and her teeth cleaned.

7/2/22 – Bristol Bae has been adopted.  Congrats Bristol and Hawley family!

approximate age: 7
approximate weight: 43 – underweight
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: no, but her foster parents are working on that
likes kids: n/a
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none

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Carol Robertelli, Baela, Biana Derrico

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Daniel and Tara Smith