Brie – April 11th, 2020

3/31/20: Please welcome Brie! She is a 5-week-old puppy with swimmer puppy syndrome. She became a swimmer when she got really fat fast and didn’t meet her two-week-old milestone of standing. Her chest went flat which caused pneumonia. Pneumonia caused her inability to eat then she went down fast; she lost weight & overall body strength. She spent over a week in an oxygen box. Her vet suggested she be euthanized but the breeder was connected to us through Melissa, one of our volunteers, that has experience helping dogs with this condition. At this time, she is not able to sit, stand, walk or hold her head up.

4/3/20: Less than 72 hours and Brie is standing and walking; all with proper diet, wrapping her legs and physical therapy every two hours around the clock for 30 minutes.

We are dedicated to helping Brie become a happy healthy dog that will be ready for adoption at some point in the future. At this time, she is not available for adoption. Please check back here for weekly updates and follow her journey on our Facebook page.

4/9/20: Brie visited the vet today for her 6 week check up with Dr Brown at Martinez Animal Hospital. He stated that overall she looks. She received her 1st set of puppy shots and 1st deworming. He further stated that we needed to continue physical therapy, and in between therapy keep her rear legs wrapped up pushed against her belly so she cannot flex them straight. He also noted an arch she has to her back from her pulling herself with her front legs. He thinks the rear wrapping will fix it, we will try this for the next few days.

Brie is still not eating unassisted due to her mobility issues. Because she is so far behind with development milestones she was so weak when she came to us, she should tire very quickly from just eating and could not even chew softened kibble. So for right now she is having her food pureed with goat milk. She is not drinking water. So we are having to tube her extra fluids that she is not receiving in pureed mixture. Right now she is being weaned on Fromm puppy grain free, goat milk, and Fromm digestive health canned food.

Brie can pull herself to a standing position. But her rear legs still slip from under her. Her front knuckling of legs are corrected. Her front swimmer legs are 95% corrected. Her flat chest has been corrected. She is gaining weight. She seems to know when she has to potty. She will take off like a bullet when she has to poop. But unable squat yet. She is going to the puppy pad to urinate.  Brie is beginning to be more alert and interacting with toys and actually chewed on a cod skin stick. We are hoping this will also assist with her overall strength building.

4/11/20: brie passed away unexpectedly today.  We are heartbroken.  We wish we had more time with her.  Rest In Peace Brie

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5 week old

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