Bentley Miles – November 14th, 2022

7/6/20: Please welcome Bentley Miles! He joins us from Gwinnett County Animal Services. He was picked up as a stray. He does have a registered microchip, but his owner did not respond to shelters request about reclaiming him. He has been vaccinated and neutered at the shelter. He needs to have his teeth cleaned and unfortunately, he is heartworm positive. Once he recovers from surgery, he will undergo heartworm treatment.

7/14/20: Bentley Miles had his surgery today and all went well. He had a few decaying teeth extracted and had the remaining teeth cleaned.

7/15/20: Bentley Miles started his heartworm treatment today.

8/6/20: Bentley Miles completed his heartworm treatment. He seems to be having some issues with one of his back legs. He will see the orthopedic specialist is a few weeks for a consultation.

8/26/20:  Bentley Miles saw the orthopedic surgeon today and it was decided he needs to have surgery on both knees to correct his luxating patellas.

8/27/20:  Bentley Miles had his knee surgery today and all went well.  He will have his stitches removed in two weeks and a check up and x-ray in six weeks.  He will be on limited activity restriction until his six week check up.

8/28/20:  Unfortunately Bentley Miles has a touch of pneumonia this morning.  He will spend another night in the ICU under observation on iv antibiotics.

8/29/20:  Bentley Miles is feeling better today and will be heading back to his foster home on oral medications. We will watch him closely and he will see the vet again shortly for follow up chest x-rays so that we can monitor his pneumonia.

9/8/20:  Bentley Miles got his stitches removed today a an x-ray to confirm that his pneumonia is all cleared up.  He will see surgeon again in four weeks for a follow up x-ray on his knee.  We are hopeful that he will be cleared for adoption at that time.

10/7/20:  Bentley Miles saw the orthopedic surgeon for his six week follow up and x-rays.  His knees / patellas are where they need to be. He is as good as he is going to be surgically. He expects him to continue to improve over time.  He did see the neurologist and he said that Bentley Miles has some level of ataxia. So he will likely never walk perfectly. But the surgery will give him some relief. We will keep him in the joint supplements and carprofin.

His foster parents are sponsoring some physical therapy sessions for him over the next few weeks.  Which is a great idea and can only help!

He did have follow up chest x-rays and his lungs look clear, no pneumonia is present.  He is having some airway breathing issues so he will see his regular vet next week.

1/1/21:  Bentley Miles is making progress with his physical therapy sessions.  We do not expect him to ever get to 100% but with continued therapy with the vet, at home therapy exercises, arthritis medication and joint supplements we know we are doing all we can to help him feel his best.  He is a pretty laid back fella that sure does enjoy his therapy sessions and the treats that come along with them!

5/26/21:  Bentley Miles has been adopted.  Congrats Bentley, Karen, Jack and Reed!

approximate age: 8
approximate weight: 43
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: we have not seen him around cats
likes kids: he spent a few weeks while in rescue with a teenager and seemed to enjoy him
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: joint supplements and carprofin for arthritis management

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Carol Robertelli, The Foy Family

November 14, 2022 – Bentley Miles crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Bentley Miles