Bellini – September 27th, 2019

1/18/14: Please welcome Bellini!  Bellini was “rescued” from someones back yard in August only to find herself living in a different back yard!  Before August she was living in the yard with another female bullie; they had no shelter and very little food or water.  In August she moved to a new place but the dog that already lived the house did not want her there.  So she was moved to the back porch; at least she had a blanket, crate, food and water this time.  She is living inside now!

We are not sure the last time she has been to the vet.  She will be getting a full exam, vaccinations and spay this week.

Bellini is six years old.  She has gotten along with the other female bullie that she has living with but we are told she can be extremely temperamental, territorial, and prone to aggressive resource guarding (not that we can blame her knowing what her living conditions have been like).  We do not know if she likes cats and she was kept away from the two year old child in the house.  Since she has not been living in a house she is not house broken and will need some work with this.  She will move into her foster home later this week after surgery.

We will update as we learn more about her.  She will be available for adoption after recovers from surgery.

Update 1/27/14: Bellini was spayed on 1/23 and moved into her foster home.  She is living with two other females bullies; they are taking things slow but so far things are going well. She is not being too social or outgoing with the others dogs yet.

She has dry eye and will stay on drops for the remainder of her life.  We are treating a minor skin infection with weekly medicated baths.  She will be heading back to the vet in two weeks for a follow up and to have her stitches removed.  If all looks good she will be cleared for adoption then.

Update 2/8/14: Bellini had her stitches removed and she is now ready for adoption.

Update 5/31/14:  Bellini’s foster mom Darlene has decided that Bellini will not be going anywhere!  She made it official and adopted her.

September 27, 2019 – Bellini crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Bellini


R Dennis


C Dillard

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