Angel – January 10th, 2022

Meet Angel, a 5 year old owner surrender that joined GEBR on 11/23/11. Angel, another female and a male were owned by an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimers and was probably a hoarder. They also lived with 4 poodles and several unsocialized cats. We don’t know much about Angels history except that she was bred multiple times and lived most of her life in a crate. A crate that was obviously too small for her ample girth as she has rub marks and hair loss on her sides. The elderly woman was hospitalized and her daughter had to find homes for all the animals.

As you can see, Angel is grossly overweight. Because of this we will have to wait for her to lose some of that weight before we can even consider spaying her. She is being fostered by a trusted foster family, until spay can take place.

She is heartworm negative and is now up to date on shots. Angel is not potty trained and will work on that in her foster home.

Angel is very very sweet and gets along with other animals. All she wants is attention and some love.

Update 12/21/11: Angel is doing great in her foster home.  She is learning how to potty outside instead of inside and how to exercise.  She is going on walks every day with her foster mom, brother and sister.  She is looking thinner already!  We hope that she will be at an ideal weight to undergo surgery within a month.  Once she is spayed she will be ready for adoption.

Update 1/5/12: Angel is dealing with a UTI and an eye infection but she is down to 66 pounds. A few more pounds and a clean bill of health then she will be ready to be spayed then ready for adoption.

Update 2/10/12: Angel is walking 1.5 miles a day and spends an hour a day playing in the yard with her foster sister.  They chase soccer balls all around the yard.  She is so happy and looking better every day.  A few more pounds to go and she will be ready to get spayed and then ready for adoption.

Update 2/28/12:  Andgel is down to 61 pounds!!!

Update 3/23/12: Angel had an emergency surgery yesterday afternoon to repair a corneal abrasion.  Dr Winston was able to put a graft over it just in time.  If we had not gotten to it in time, we would have had to remove her eye. She is stable and doing well.  She has a follow up appointment next week.  Dr Winston says it will be 4-5 weeks before she is fully recovered.  Thank you to her foster mom Gregg for getting her to the doctor and for saving her eye!

She is down to 54 pounds!  We are so happy for her and so thankful to her foster family, dogs included, for helping her get to a healhty weight!

Update 3/28/12: Angel went in for her follow up visit and unfortunately had to have another surgery.  Dr. Winston went into surgery thinking she was going to remove her eye but was able to do another graft instead.  She was also able to do entropian surgery on both eyes.  Angel is home now and doing fine.  She goes back next Tuesday for a follow up visit.  Fingers crossed she will not need any more eye surgeries!
Check out her new “skinny girl” photos.  She looks amazing compared to how she looked on November 23 when she joined GEBR.

Update 5/8/12: Angel was spayed today.

Update 5/9/12: Angel has been adopted byher foster family!  She is such a happy healthy girl that has come so far in the past 5 months.  We are so happy for her and the McMorran’s!

January 10, 2022 – Angel crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peach Angel


Guardian Angels:

D & B Howell


R Van Meter

S Fields

S Chandler