Alejandro – March 29th, 2017

4/29/16:  Please welcome Alejandro to GEBR! He was found as a stay in Fulton County and taken to the Atlanta Humane Society.  No one came looking for him so he joined GEBR the day his stray hold was up.  He is already neutered but he needs his palate shortened and his teeth cleaned. He is five years old.  We do not know yet if he likes dogs, cats or young children.

Update 5/6/16:  Alejandro had is surgery today and all went well!  He will be moving into his foster home later this week.

Update 5/16/16:  Alejandro has moved into his foster home and is enjoying his new life and his tiny little foster brother.  His backs legs look a little week so we started him on joint supplements.

Update 6/27/16:  Alejandro has been adopted!  Congrats Alejandro and DeLaney family!

Update 8/2/16:  Alejandro developed an odd obsession with the young child in his home.  We decided for everyone’s well being that he should be placed in a home with no young children.  There was never any aggression just an odd obsession.  

Update 2/12/17:  Alejandro started having seizures so he is now taking keppra twice a day.



March 29, 2017:  We had to say good bye to Alejandro today.  Along with the seizures he was in heart failure.  We wish he could be here with us forever but are grateful for the time we had with him.  




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