Sadie – December 2nd, 2019

Meet Ariel, an owner surrender to a small animal control facility in Butts Co.  We know she is papered and has recently had cherry eye surgery. She only turned 3 on May 31st!

Ariel was in a “breeding situation” and apparently wouldn’t get with the program. Lucky for her…when her owners turned her into animal control a volunteer started calling everyone she knew in rescue. Fortunately one of her contacts is with DREAM dachshund rescue whom we met at a Ahimsa House event last fall. Within hours Ariel was safe.

She will most definitely be spayed so no one will be able to try and force this girl to have pups again!  Welcome to the good life Ariel!

Update 10/18/2011:  Ariel has been adopted!  Congratulations Ariel & Jan!

December 2, 2019:  Sadie, formally Ariel,  crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.  

Rest In Peace Sadie