Mildred Rose

3/25/16: Please welcome Mildred Rose! She is one of six bullies to join GEBR from a breeder. The breeder is facing some health issues and can no longer care for her or her litter mates. The person the breeder trusted to care for the puppies while she was ill did not take very good care of her and her litter mates. We are not certain of her vaccine history so we are starting from the beginning with all vaccinations. Once she has all of his vaccinations she will be spayed and have her cherry eye corrected. She is not suffering from any other health issues at this time. She is 6 1/2 months old. She likes others dogs but we do not know if she likes cats.

She will be available for adoption when she recovers from surgery.

Update 12/31/16:  Mildred Rose has been adopted.  Congrats Mildred Rose and Ruthann!

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